Our team

The cornerstone of the FLOW Rehab Care concept is the unique combination of our team, their knowledge and skills. Our staff individually represent the top experts in their field of expertise and, working together, create the synergistic effect of true complex care for our patients. You can read more about their stories and education below.


Michaela Píšková

Doctor / Physiotherapist / Executive (ENG, DE)

Physiotherapist, doctor, former top dancer, movement-nerd and the
“mother” of the FLOW project.

Curiosity and passion for movement have been tightly connected to her life ever since she was a child. Realizing the importance of these aspects of her personality during the labyrinth of her life and studies led her to founding FLOW.

She is not a fan of a single-method approach because he does not think there is one universal method to treat everyone and every issue. She combines different approaches in her work. But for her, the alpha and omega is the quality of initial diagnostics. What kills her the most is routine, so she doesn’t specialize in any narrow area.

Marta Ortová

Doctor / Therapist (ENG)

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno and after graduation started working in inpatient rehabilitation. Gradually she added outpatient work to her work in the ward. Because of its dynamism, she eventually switched to working as an outpatient doctor completely. She enjoys variety in her work, both in location and work content. Because of her internal background, she is closer to internal diagnoses, and it never ceases to amuse and amaze her how positive an effect rehabilitation can have on, for example, gynaecological or gastrointestinal diseases or for cancer patients. She strives to continuously develop herself, whether it is through courses or challenges that life puts in front of her.

Marta is also a lecturer at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague.

Petra Michálková

Doctor / Therapist (ENG, ESP)

She studied General medicine at the Masaryk University in Brno. Since the beginning of her working career, I have been involved in children’s rehabilitation, but over time she also started working in the outpatient sector for adults. Petra completed a basic orthopaedical course, which enables her to look at post-traumatic and post-operative conditions from a broader perspective.

Within rehabilitation she is particularly interested in the diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal pain and disorders in children and adults. In therapy, she likes to use the MDT McKenzie approach, kinesiotaping or myoskeletal medicine methods. She puts great emphasis on the patient’s active participation in therapy and prevention of the return of problems and sees a great importance in the cooperation of a motivated patient, physiotherapist and doctor.


Renáta Juříková

Physiotherapist / Trainer (ENG, ESP)

She is fascinated by movement – a constant change, transformation also opposed by stillness – as an integral part of everyone’s life. The body is our companion, the instrument through which we experience and enjoy life. These are the main means that Renata, as a physiotherapist, uses in her therapy. She works with both women and men. She also work with children from the age of 6. She likes to incorporate elements of bodywork because it brings ways to incorporate joy into life through the active involvement of the client. She specializes on pelvic floor therapy and women’s health.

Áron Kasan

Physiotherapist / Trainer (ENG)

He is a professional, focusing mainly on athletes, movement enthusiasts and people with an inner motivation to work on themselves. Aron believes that one can improvement their movement skills without pain. A method that often makes sense to him in the context of working with clients is the DNS method – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. However, he also works with soft techniques, engages breathing exercises and uses conventional strength and coordination exercises with an emphasis on quality (always in the context of the client).


Iva Riederová

Psychologist / Coach (ENG)

Counselling psychologist, mental coach and crisis interventionist. She helps people take responsibility for their actions, reinvent themselves and go for their goals. She loves stories, and chose this work for that reason. Because she believes that we all have the potential and power within us to make our story a happy one. This work fulfills her and she thinks her clients feel it too. She always approaches her clients with acceptance, respect and authenticity.
In her work with clients, as well as in her own life, she relies on her experience from her top sports career, university studies in the Czech Republic and abroad, Eastern philosophies, and the everyday challenges that life presents. With an ever-active connection to sport, she also uses body-centered approaches and imagery techniques in her work.

Management & administrative staff

Ondřej Dlouhý

Managing Director / Operations Manager

Ondřej is responsible for the organizational run of the clinic. He takes care of non-medical communication with clients, economic and personnel matters. He has a long-standing interest in non-state health care facilities, using his long experience in economics and law.