Movement Flow

Tutor: B.Sc. Aaron Kasan

Place and time: Brno, Výstavní 17, Mondays or Wednesdays 17:00-18:25

Do you want to learn to move better and sustainably in the long term? Thanks to better movement efficiency, get more lightness and performance at the same time? Or do you just like to move and discover new body possibilities? Then Movement Flow is just for you!

The Movement Flow course is focused on the quality of movement, perception and connection of the body as a whole. Individual lessons last 1.5 hours and consist of 4 pillars: complex movement warm-up, coordination, movement games and improvisation. All these pillars support each other, complement each other and form a quality foundation for the ability to move with ease.

Each lesson will cover all of the pillars, or at least most of them. In the warm-up, he works with the ability to subtly perceive complex movements, and in these movements, among other things, the emphasis is placed on connecting the body. During the coordination part, we take care to transfer the qualities acquired in the warm-up into more dynamic and complex movements and their combinations. Among other things, it develops motor learning, frustration tolerance and body stability. Movement games take place in pairs or small groups. You work with your own body and the body of your partner, and a great aspect of these games is their relative chaos (albeit in a safe environment and corrected according to the necessary level), or the variability of stimuli from the partner. These games are not so much about winning, but about the game itself, and the aspect of chaos and variability in them tests qualities such as speed, agility, dynamic balance, reactivity, but also sensitivity and continued perception of details and quality. In improvisational exercises, we discover our other movement possibilities in a fun, creative and exploratory way.

Price: Monday course (7 lessons) 3150 CZK; dates: 4.9., 11.9.,18.9.,9.10.,16.10.,23.10.,30.10

Wednesday course (5 lessons) 2250 CZK; dates 6.9.,13.9.,20.9.,,18.10.,25.10

The minimum number of course participants to open each group will be 4. Registration is only possible for the entire course with the possibility of making up for 2 absences in the course on another day (only after prior agreement with the lecturer!).