Michaela Píšková (ENG, DE)

Everything seems impossible until it’s done.“  Nelson Mandela

My name is Misha, I’m a physiotherapist, doctor, former top dancer, physionerd and author of the FLOW project.

Curiosity and passion for movement are two things that have been tightly connected to my life ever since I was a child. The realization of the importance of these aspects of my personality during the labyrinth of my life and studies has led me to this point. My work is based, on one hand, on the principles of functional anatomy, biomechanics and physiology; on the other hand, on a human approach. Above all, I see everyone as a person with their whole context, and for me, mutual trust and listening is absolutely crucial in therapy.

I am not a proponent of one method because I don’t think there is one universal method. I combine different approaches in my work. But the alpha and omega for me is a thorough medical history taking and diagnostics. What kills me the most is routine, so I don’t specialize in any narrow are. However there are fields that I enjoy more, such as gynaecological physiotherapy, visceral therapy, neurological issues and therapy of gait and balance.

I work with:

  • quality of movement, coordination and lightness
  • athletes and dancers
  • gynaecological issues
  • neurological problems
  • visceral problems
  • body perception
  • functional musculoskeletal problems
  • adults and older children (10+)


  • 2014 – 2021 General Medicine, Faculty of Medicine MU, degree MUDr., passed with distinction, academic average 1,16, 2x Dean’s Award for outstanding performance.
  • 2017 – 2020 Physiotherapy, FSpS MU, degree Bc. passed with distinction, study average 1,16, bachelor thesis on “Ideomotor training in the therapy of a multiple sclerosis patient and its effect on the gait quality” defended for A.


  • 2020: 2 months at the Rehabilitation Clinic in Oberammergau, Germany (Klinik Oberammergau Zentrum für Rheumatologie, Orthopädie und Schmerztherapie)
  • 2020: 2 weeks at the Dr. Rashev Institute for Neuro-Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Therapy of Functional Postural Disorders, Schweinfurt, Germany
  • 2020: 8 days of block teaching in the framework of Mgr. Sports Physiotherapy, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • 2019: 4 weeks at the Rehabilitation Department of Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2019: 3 weeks at Hrabyně Rehabilitation Institute
  • 2019: 2 weeks at the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Hospital of Merciful Brothers, Brno
  • 2019: 2 weeks in Klimkovice Rehabilitation Centre
  • 2018: 3 weeks in the Department of Cardiology, Klinikum Passau, Germany
  • 2018: 2 weeks at the Rehabilitation Department, Blansko Hospital
  • 2017: 2 weeks at the Department of Neurooncology, AKH Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • 2016: 2 weeks in the Department of Internal Medicine, Roteskreuzkrankenhaus, Kassel, Germany
  • 2015: 2 weeks in the Department of Surgery, Marienkrankenhaus, Kassel, Germany

Professional courses

  • 2019 Workshop Introduction to the Form, Function, Facilitation method by Clara Lewit (Brno)
  • 2019 The use of yoga in the therapy of vertebrogenic disorders (Olomouc)
  • 2019 Structural and Myofascial Integration (Banská Bystrica)
  • 2019 Foot massage and reflexology (Bankok, Thailand)
  • 2020 Neurophysiological principles of kinesiotaping (Brno)
  • 2020 Info-course Vojt’s Method (RL Corpus, Olomouc)
  • 2020 Shoulder centering workshop by Čápová (Brno)
  • 2021 Viscerosomatic relations – Bitnar (Kladno)
  • 2021 Neural Manipulation 1-4, Alena Zapletalová (Prague)
  • 2021 Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization by Kolář, course A (Prague)
  • 2021 Physiotherapy Function 1: Form, Function, Facilitation, Jan Maryška (CKP Dobřichovice)
  • 2021 Mobilization techniques – the best of (Svět physioterapie- Michaela Selecká, Brno)
  • 2022 Pelvic Floor (Groofy Brno)
  • 2022 Rocktape FTM – basic + performance (Brno)
  • 2022 Myofascial triggerpoints (Svět physioterapie, Brno)
  • 2022 Special kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system (Petr Šifta, Brno)
  • 2023 3D function of the upper extremity (GrooFy, Brno)