Petra Michálková (ENG, ESP)

I studied general medicine at the Masaryk University in Brno. Since the beginning of my working career, I have been involved in children’s rehabilitation, but over time I also started working in the outpatient sector for adults. I completed a basic orthopaedical course, which enabled me to look at post-traumatic and post-operative conditions from a broader perspective. Within rehabilitation I am particularly interested in the diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal pain and disorders in children and adults. In therapy, I like to use the MDT McKenzie approach, kinesiotaping or myoskeletal medicine methods. I put great emphasis on the patient’s active participation in therapy and prevention of the return of problems. I see great importance in the cooperation of a motivated patient, physiotherapist and doctor.


04/2022 completion of the basic orthopaedic course

2012 – 2018 General medicine Masaryk University in Brno – Faculty of Medicine

Professional courses

03/2016 Trigger Points, EduSpa College

06/2019 Rehabilitation in pediatrics

01/2020 Formthotics system seminar

03/2020 Non-invasive laser therapy

05/2020 Authorization of the first degree of professional competence to perform procedures in the field of myoskeletal medicine

07/2021 MDT McKenzie A

09/2021 MDT McKenzie B

12/2022 MDT McKenzie C

01/2023 Therapeutic use of Temtex tape

03/2023 MDT McKenzie D

04/2023 Tendinopathy, prof. Jill Cook

04/2023 Exploring the Extremities, Richard Rosedale