Áron Kasan (ENG)

My name is Áron Kasan, I’m a physiotherapist and parkour and movement coach.

I graduated in 2020 in Physiotherapy at FSpS MU in Brno.

In 2016 I completed the Fitness Instructor training program at Crossfit Newpark (Improve Academy) in Brno and I have been leading movement, recovery and relaxation classes since 2016 (mainly under the auspices of Dark Side Movement).

I work mostly with athletes, movement enthusiasts, people with an inner motivation to improve and a belief that progress can be done without pain. A method that often makes sense to me in the context of working with my clients is the DNS method – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization – so I tend to using it a lot. However, I also work with soft-tissue techniques, focus on breathing and use conventional strength and coordination exercises with an emphasis on quality (always in the context of the client).

I’ve been doing parkour and acrobatics since 2012, I’m a Parkour Class III instructor and since 2018 I’ve been leading parkour lessons in the In Motion Academy parkour hall.

In 2015, I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my knee due to overtraining. I was very motivated to get back into parkour and acrobatics and before studying physiotherapy, I was searching for all the information I could due to my movement enthusiasm, how to help the body regenerate and especially thanks to the intensive rehab, I was able to fully train within six months. I often hear “it’s not what it used to be after that injury (ACL), I can’t play sport to my full potential, it still hurts after 5 years” and it makes me sad when I know it can be done, you just have dedicate yourself to it!

A motto that a great client of mine inspired me with is “If you want to go fast, you have to go slow.” Perfectly transferable for both progressive incorporation of exercises and habits and for your own inner work. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it goes slow, there’s not always a need to rush, what’s important is to stay on the direction I want to go.


2016-2020 Physiotherapy, FSpS MU, Bc. degree, bachelor thesis on “Physiotherapy in a patient with cervicocranial syndrome”

Internships and traineeships

2021: 2 weeks in the Military Hospital, outpatient department of rehabilitation

2021: 2 weeks in the Obstetrics Department of the Brno University Hospital – Obilní trh 11, Neonatology Outpatient Department

2021: 6 weeks in FNUSA, KTLR – outpatient department of rehabilitation and ward 23

2021: 3 weeks in FNUSA, Plastika Berkova, Rehabilitation Department

2021: 2 weeks in Kociánka Centre, outpatient department of rehabilitation

2020: 2 weeks in FN Brno, Department of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and General Medicine

2020: 8 weeks in FNUSA, Department of Neurology, Internal Medicine and Surgery and CTLR – Ward 23

2019: 2 weeks in BRC Čeladná

2019: 2 weeks in FN Bohunice Brno – inpatient rehabilitation ward “C”

2019: 2 weeks in Priessnitz Spa, Rehabilitation Department

2018: 4 months at Gerlev Idrætshøjskole (Physical Education and Sports Academy, Denmark)

2017: 4 weeks in Bohunice Hospital Brno – Internal Cardiology Clinic, Neurology Clinic and inpatient Rehabilitation Ward “C”

Professional courses

2016: Fitness instructor II. class (Improve Academy, Brno)

2019: Workshop Introduction to the Form, Function, Facilitation method by Clara Lewitová (Brno)

2019: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Sports Course I (Rehabilitation Prague School, Prague)

2020: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Sports Course II (Rehabilitation Prague School, Prague)

2020: Shoulder Centering Workshop by Čápová (Brno)

2020: Info-course Vojt’s Method (RL Corpus, Olomouc)

2021: Parkour Instructor Class III (Czech Parkour Association, Prague)